xl bit  is a genetic algorithm base optimization software mimicking the evolution of life. It is known that this evolution of life operates on chromosomes. GA using simple manipulations of chromosomes such as  encodings and reproduction mechanism has proved to be very effective in optimization applications. It is widely used in:

a) image processing

b) scheduling

c) stock selection

d) horse-race betting

e) criminal suspect recognition

f) job shop optimization

g) forex trading rules

h) etc

You can see genetic algorithm is apply in 15 Real-World Applications

The actual step of this algorithm are :

  1. An initial population of random solution is created.
  2. A fitness value is then assigned to each individual based on its evaluation to the current problem.
  3. Individuals or chromosomes with a higher fitness value are selected to parent new solutions during reproduction.
  4. The new offspring are then set to replace the old (low fitness values). Thus a generation is completed.
  5. Return to step (2) through (4) until the population converged.

Product Features

xl bit is:

  • User-friendly and no programming needed. (see screenshot)

  • Very similar to Excel Solver set up.

  • Maximum 500 population allowed.

  • 3 choices of crossover methods. (see screenshot)

  • Adjustable crossover and mutation rates.

  • Unlimited variables in one optimization problem. (Depend on user computer speed and memory)

  • Two types of fitness scaling. (see screenshot)

  • Multiple fitness functions.

  • 4 type of variables i.e. binary, integer, non-integer and permutation.

  • Adjustable random number seed so that user can use same set of initial population with different GA parameters.

  • Example files provided.

  • Full report and fitness graph. (see screenshot)

  • see variables changes on the fly. (see screenshot)

  • adjust crossover and mutation rate on the fly.

  • Top six  solutions are shown in report.





Example & Tutorials:

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User Guides

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