OptimuStock is a neural network based forecasting application popular among stock market players. It is used by technical and fundamental analysts alike.

Basically, neural network use artificial ‘neurons’, which are simply mathematical models of an actual neuron. Mathematically, the artificial neuron receives a series of inputs, and based on these inputs, it outputs a value. For a simple neuron model, it would either output 0 or 1 – modelling an actual neuron firing or not firing.

The outputs of the artificial neurons can be ‘taught’, much like a human’s brain. By giving the neuron information (the inputs, stock market data in our case) and looking at its output (stock prices) then giving it feedback on whether its response is correct or not, the network of artificial neurons can learn

In stock market investment, the techniques applied by stock market traders broadly fall into two main categories, technical analysis and fundamental analysis. OptimuStock can use both technical and fundamental analysis as inputs and information.



What Is Fundamental Analysis

A method of evaluating a security that entails attempting to measure its intrinsic value by examining related economic, financial and other qualitative and quantitative factors. Fundamental analysts attempt to study everything that can affect the security's value, including macroeconomic factors (like the overall economy and industry conditions) and company-specific factors (like financial condition and management). 

What Is Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis uses charts to analyze market data and interpret fluctuations in price. Technical analysis is a tool that is often used by the traders to interpret the movements of the stock market based on price fluctuations over a period of time. Technical analysis helps predict the future behavior of prices of stocks.

How OptimuStock Works

Neural network can be used as a replacement of the human knowledge engineer in defining and finding the rules for the inference engine. Neural network can also be taught profitable trading styles using historical data and then used to generate the required rules. In addition, they can learn to identify chart patterns, thereby providing valuable insight for profitable trading opportunities.

For fundamental analyst, an expert’s trading record can be used to train an neural network to generate the trading rules. PE ratio, EPS, Book value etc can be used as inputs and learning factors. There are many studies by researchers who successfully trained a neural network to execute profitable trades.

Apart from the fundamental analysis, OptimuStock can help you on the technical analysis technique as well.

Every technical analyst is familiar with stock charts. To them, the chart is a vital, like a hammer is to the carpenter.

Financial charting is specific and is the forefront of technical analysis. There are many exotic charts common to most modern trading platforms. You may begin with the classical bar charts or candlesticks and continue on to Equivolume, kagi, renko, and others. Add to that numerous technical indicators and strategy signals, and you have something packed full with useful information.

You want to concentrate as much useful information as possible into the chart so you can make timely trading decisions. To the newbie trader, reading charts for the first time, may find them  to be confusing and artificial. To the seasoned professional, trying to determine what information is truly valuable for profitable trading is a vital concern and advanced trader may begins to question the value of the charts he or she watches.

Although financial charts can be vivid and attractive, they do tend to be very subjective. The charts can introduce dubious and unstable measures, which in turn become the basis of popular trading strategies. This could increase the risk of your trading operations.

Worry no more.

OptimuStock  is the new generation of intelligent forecasting software based on neural network technology. Don’t be intimidated by these terms. You don’t need to be an expert in artificial intelligence to use our software. In just 3 clicks, you can start to predict the stock prices. Generally, OptimuStock use the ability of nonlinear machine learning models to forecast market direction/prices using technical indicators and fundamental data as features.

OptimuStock is the only forecasting Excel add in with an automatic neural network architecture and parameters selection. It gives you access to breakthrough algorithms for automatic data preprocessing and neural network preparation inside MS Excel. With these algorithms, you do not need to have any prior experience in statistics or artificial intelligence to exploit the power of neural networks in Excel. These algorithms make your data suitable for a neural network, select the most appropriate architecture and prepare the neural network model for stock price forecasting and solving your problem.

Product Features

  • User friendly as it use Microsoft Excel as a platform
  • Lowest cost neural network software on the market
  • No prior knowledge of neural networks required
  • Neural network architecture and parameters selection are automated



Example & Tutorials:

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