Everyone tries to forecast the future. Bankers need to predict credit  worthiness of customers. Marketing analyst want to predict future sales. Economists want to predict economic cycles. And everybody want to know whether the stock market will be up or down tomorrow.

 4Cast XL is developed with a user-friendly interface and easy to use. It is also embedded as an addin in MS Excel making it a powerful and reliable neural network based forecasting tool. Anyone who can use MS Excel for data manipulation and analysis will find 4Cast XL easy to master. Its limitation is bounded only by MS Excel capabilities. These includes data processing, graphing, calculation and so on.

Neural networks are very effective when lots of examples must be analyzed, or when a structure in these data must be analyzed but a single algorithmic solution is impossible to formulate. When these conditions are present, neural networks are use as computational tools for examining data and developing models that help to identify interesting patterns or structures in the data. The data used to develop these models is known as training data.

Once a neural network has been trained, and has learned the patterns that exist in that data, it can be applied to new data thereby achieving a variety of outcomes. Neural networks can be used to

  • learn to predict future events based on the patterns that have been observed in the historical training data;

  • learn to classify unseen data into pre-defined groups based on characteristics observed in the training data;

  • learn to cluster the training data into natural groups based on the similarity of characteristics in the training data.

Applications :

Stock market prediction
Credit card fraud detection
Cancer diagnosis
Economic forecasting
Lottery prediction
Credit worthiness

Product Features :

4Cast XL is :

  • User-friendly  (see screenshot)
  • Minimum knowledge of neural net technology
  • Number of inputs and outputs are limited only by MS Excel limitation
  • Can accommodate more than 2 outputs nodes. Most commercial available software is limited to one output node
  • MS Excel graphing and data manipulation capabilities (see screenshot)
  • Pre-processing and data scaling option
  • Detail network model reports for creating error distribution graph, actual vs forecasted graph, correlation graph etc.. (see screenshot)
  • Sypnapses screen where user can watch network model activities on the fly (see screenshot)
  • 3 or 4 layer network architecture option (see screenshot)
  • 3 types of training option i.e. backpropagation with momemtum, conjugate gradient and genetic optimization (see screenshot)
  • Single point and bulk prediction capabilities (see screenshot)










Example & Tutorials:

Video tutorials for 4Cast XL

Example 1: Times-series Prediction (Predicting the Dow Weekly Price)

  1. Scaling Data and Creating Neural Network Model
  2. Testing and Predicting With The Neural Network model

Example 2: Sales Forecasting (real life data sample taken from a fashion store selling women clothing)

  1. Scaling Data and Creating Neural Network Model
  2. Testing and Predicting With The Neural Network model

User Guides

  1. User's Guide For 4Cast XL