Our company goal is to provide the world with simple, affordable and powerful software. We specialize in developing user-friendly yet powerful forecasting and optimization software. Here at XLPert we have been developing and consulting in the area of Excel and its program language Visual Basic for Applications for many clients. We can completely customize Excel, or design Excel Templates and MS Excel add-ins.

We have a team of Excel VBA programmers with combine experience of more the 10 years to provide a full range of Excel consulting services. These includes

  1. Analyze valuable stock market data by writing customized macros that instantly analyze and translate the data.
  2. Develop a production planning tool for a company producing sport shoes.
  3. Develop a pricing and reporting tools to be used by  more than 100 sales managers.
  4. Complete Excel-based Applications like neural network, genetic algorithm and time series forecasting.
  5. Custom workbooks and worksheets for small business, housewives and casino punters etc…

No job is small enough. Our rate is USD 25 per hour or we can arrange a flat fee for your project. You can pay for the consulting fees with your VISA or MASTERCARD.

We have worked with clients in the United States, Australia, and Europe, in industries ranging from pharmaceutical to banking to securities to telecommunications.